About Us

At Auto Pty Ltd our aim has consistently been to meet the increasing demand in the motor industry for a proven source of specialised ‘real world’ knowledge and skills in an increasingly competitive Australian automotive market.

Utilising the latest research from behavioural economics, we ensure that our methods and resources are not only up to date with current market requirements but are capable of effectively addressing future market requirements as well.

With automotive industry experience spanning four decades, we guide our clients to avoid the top ten mistakes we have seen in training during our time in the industry.

Top training mistakes we have seen with dealers and manufacturers:

  1. Don’t do any training
  2. Inaccurate or non-existent measurement and tracking
  3. Train salespeople more than their managers
  4. Train sporadically / inconsistently
  5. Simultaneously use multiple training providers to train one team
  6. Use the cheapest trainers
  7. Train for qualifications instead of results
  8. Wait until staff have ‘proved themselves’ worthy of training
  9. Use trainers without motor industry experience and success
  10. Use training as a punishment

Even knowing these mistakes exist, many dealers and manufacturers still make them, because there are specific skills, techniques and time commitments required to successfully avoid many of these mistakes.

Our clients include manufacturers, dealerships and individuals.

With our wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may work with you to achieve your  automotive business goals.