Bigger Slice of Pie

Get a Bigger Slice of Pie

In the last few years,  I have several times been invited, as a prelude to training programmes, to address teams of Sales Managers on how to grow their business without simply sacrificing profitability.  This article is a blend of the content of those addresses. Your Market Pie For the sake of this discussion, the pie [...]

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Sales Measurement

Principles for Successful Sales Tracking

I continue to be amazed at how many businesses I discover that do not measure or track their sales activities in any meaningful way. Here are some of the guiding principles I recommend for businesses that are introducing sales tracking. 1. Salespeople must log as much enquiry as possible. Even customers who are, for example, [...]

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Best Place to Learn

The Best Place to Learn to Swim is in the Water

I am often asked by clients for advice about the best place to conduct training. My advice varies depending on the client's individual circumstances but one of the most reliable guidelines I follow on recommending training venues is that 'the best place to learn to swim is in the water'. Learning to Swim Imagine you [...]

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Hard Act to Follow

Hard Act to Follow

I was driving between appointments today and listening to music.  In my playlist was a song called "Hard Act to Follow" by Split Enz.  This song was a favourite of mine in the early 1980s and I started singing along. As I drove and sang it occurred to me that I was singing some incorrect [...]

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