CSI Training

In over sixteen years of helping automotive distributors and dealers improve their CSI scores, we have noticed that most companies do not properly understand that CSI does not measure facts.

For example, we have been called in to help one company who had invested millions of dollars to improve their facilities only to see their CSI scores for facilities immediately drop by 25%.

CSI does not measure facts.  It measures customer perceptions, memories and a combination of the two.

For a fraction of the cost of changing facts  (dealership facilities, dealership appearance, etc.), we have successfully helped dealerships and manufacturers dramatically increase their CSI results.

Our CSI training services include:

  • Design strategic CSI questionnaires to leverage maximum value from customer feedback.
  • Plan and implement cost-effective actions to improve individual and collective CSI scores.
  • Use high CSI scores to sell more vehicles, more profitably.

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CSI Training