Sales Management

In over sixteen years, we have trained hundreds of Sales Managers in four different countries.

Sales Management Challenges from Corporate Structure

Most of the Sales Managers we speak with often say that they feel like ‘the meat in the sandwich'; between Senior Management or the manufacturer and the Salespeople, or worse,
between Senior Management or the manufacturer and the Customer.
We’ll show this to you in more detail when we meet, but traditional organisational thinking sabotages the fundamentals of effective Sales Management.  To start with, we offer a simple, successful solution to this problem.  What next?

Sales Management Training

You may have heard “train your Sales Managers twice as much as you train your Salespeople” yet a Sales Manager’s time may be at least twice as valuable as a Salesperson’s.  Our training strikes a happy balance and we offer you tailored training solutions.  To start, our core Sales Management topics include:

  • Management Attitude
  • Time Management for Managers
  • Business Planning
  • Managing Sales Procedures
  • Measurements for Better Performance
  • Inventory Management
  • Problem Solving & Decision-Making
  • Motivation
  • Training & Skills Practice
  • Management by Walking Around
  • Information Management
  • Leadership
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Management Troubleshooting

and more…

The ‘Salesperson to Sales Manager’ Challenges

One common situation in sales teams is a top-performing salesperson being promoted to Sales Manager.   The benefits of internal promotion notwithstanding, this situation frequently creates one or more challenges:

  • You lose the promoted salesperson’s sales productivity
  • Other salespeople resent the promotion if it isn’t transparent
  • Promoted salesperson’s income remains static ( or may even decline )
  • Many salespeople have no management knowledge / skills
  • Many salespeople haven’t experienced more than one management style
  • Promoted salesperson may believe that what ‘worked’ for him / her will work for everybody
  • Salesperson goes instantly from ‘managing’ one person’s sales to managing a whole team’s sales ( often overwhelming )
  • If it doesn’t work out, promoted salesperson usually leaves

We offer a range of strategies and techniques to address this situation:

  • Firstly, to manage salespeople’s expectations
  • Secondly, to guide you in assessing a salesperson’s management potential and;
  • Thirdly, to plan and execute the optimum sales-to-management transition

Distributor Sales Management

We also offer a targeted menu of effective training for distributor and/or manufacturer Sales Managers.  Please contact us to discover more about how we can help you maximise your performance from these key Auto Industry roles.

Sales Management Tools

We work with you to select and, if necessary, design specific Sales Management tools and templates.  These may include practical guidelines, systems and procedures, even computer programmes.

For more information, please contact us.

Sales Management