Sales Training

We have designed and delivered sales training for over sixteen years, for more than a hundred companies across four countries.

Top 10 Attributes of Auto Pty Ltd Sales Training

Attribute 1:  Results
Effective Sales Training is not a spectator sport – we get salespeople involved in the training and create momentum to continue the training ideas and skills in the showroom.   We provide follow-up strategies for sales teams and managers to ensure that the training benefits and the corresponding sales results are sustained.

Attribute 2: Clear Aims
Our Sales Training aims to help sales teams, through better customer service, to sell more cars, more profitably, thereby improving salespeople’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and tenure.

Attribute 3: Success
We have a proven track record of success in the motor industry; results from our Sales Training; and we have a desire to help others achieve success.

Attribute 4:  Evidence-based
Our Sales Training promotes evidence-based selling, to provide customers with certainty in an uncertain marketplace, and to provide a significant point of difference for your sales team.

Attribute 5:  Experience
We have extensive retail and wholesale motor industry experience, and our Sales Trainers have an average of at least five years’ automotive training experience.

Attribute 6: Credibility
We train by example, e.g., evidence, needs-focus, professionalism, etc.

Attribute 7: Client Satisfaction
At the time of writing, all of our clients have been repeat or referral.

Attribute 8: Consistency
Our Sales Training modules interlink and flow logically, even if you’d like the order of modules tailored to your sales team’s current needs.   The ideas and skills we promote complement each other and are all branches of the same tree: customer service.

Attribute 9: Flexibility
We will modify our training content, presentation and timing to suit your requirements ( CI, dealer standards, SOPs, staff roster etc. ) or custom-design training to address your specific needs.

Attribute 10: Fun
Using games, activities and appropriate humour to set the tone and impart insight, we are proud of our record of never having had even one salesperson fall asleep in our training.

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Sales Training