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With many manufacturers recently running promotions with low interest rates, many salespeople have encountered customers coming in and mentioning the advertised finance deal.  Unthinking, unprepared salespeople immediately refer the customer to the F&I Manager then wonder why the customer got a lot of info about the finance and then left without buying a car. In [...]

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Do Your Best v. Win

When I was younger I played in a premiership-winning football team.  At three-quarter time in the grand final, we were 30 points down and we scored 42 points to 1 in the last quarter to win by 11. Late that night as the celebrations were slowing down, I was sitting by myself, reflecting on the [...]

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Hard Act to Follow

Hard Act to Follow

I was driving between appointments today and listening to music.  In my playlist was a song called "Hard Act to Follow" by Split Enz.  This song was a favourite of mine in the early 1980s and I started singing along. As I drove and sang it occurred to me that I was singing some incorrect [...]

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